Toward New Gravity

Toward New Gravity

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The Origin
The Narrative Initiative was established to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness the power of narrative for social change. A multiyear collaboration by the Atlantic Philanthropies and Ford Foundation, the project was sparked by the recognition that pervasive and systemic narratives define our personal and collective identities, inform our values, animate our popular culture and influence our politics.

Our initial charge is to develop deep narrative training for leaders and organizations committed to social change, and to connect, support and grow this emerging field.

The Report
In early February 2017, we set out on a listening tour of over 100 experts, innovators and visionaries from a range of disciplines and communities that intervene at the intersection (and sometimes at the edges) of social justice and narrative change.

We listened for commonly identified challenges, hard-earned lessons and pressing needs. We heard a recurring desire for sharper definitions of terms related to story and narrative. We heard audacious wishlists and inspiring best practices.

We hope you'll check out the report, written by Nima Shirazi, Jee Kim and Liz Hynes, and discover what we learned.

More resources to come.