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Our Theory of Change

Narratives shape who we are, what we value, and what we aspire to become. Harmful narratives sustain patterns of inequity and injustice, and reflect the worldview of a few powerful actors. Together, communities with the most at stake can build and share helpful narratives that amplify our power and nurture a vision for common good.

We build skilled, well-resourced narrative power centers starting in social movement spaces, as close to the ground as possible, to run meaningful narrative interventions that support multiracial, pluralistic democracy.


A multidisciplinary team

Narrative Initiative staff at Frank 2019

Our team is small, mighty, and multidisciplinary, and our approach to narrative change centers organizing. This is what we do:

We collaborate with changemakers to challenge the power of harmful narratives through organizing, story, and research;  

We forge and enrich bonds among organizations and constituents to cultivate alignment and broaden their impact;

We listen deeply and think critically about equity, justice, and repair;

We create and share, in partnership with those with the most at stake, a vision for the common good.

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Who we work with

We are network-driven and field-facing. Our partners and collaborators come from a variety of disciplines.

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Toward New Gravity

As a new organization devoted to connecting and supporting the emergent field of narrative change, we interviewed more than 100 thought leaders in the field. This report captures some of what we learned.

Building Narrative Infrastructure in Minnesota

A report on Narrative Initiative’s state strategy to support emergent narrative change infrastructure in Minnesota that includes what we learned as well as recommendations for practitioners and funders.

Rapid Response Worksheet

This worksheet provides a strategic communications framework for advancing narrative strategy in the face of a crisis or other breaking news development.