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Shifting deep narratives.

Narrative Initiative catalyzes durable narrative change in order to make equity and social justice common sense.

We make connections between people and organizations, amplify the best tools and methodologies from an emerging field, and activate new collaborations that lead to greater alignment.

Narrative change is not new. Individuals and organizations have long explored ways to shift the narratives that arise from and permeate the stories we tell. These efforts have spanned disciplines, issues, and geographies.

Narrative Initiative builds on the history of narrative change work by bridging grassroots organizing, communications, political advocacy, culture change, art, research, and technology in order to make collective meaning.

We build stronger relationships between disparate practices and explore how aligning efforts can produce long-lasting change. By weaving narrative thinking into a multidisciplinary field, we build toward a community of practice that creates a long-term shift in hearts and minds.


A multidisciplinary team

Narrative Initiative staff at Frank 2019
Staff and participants at Narrative Tech science fair, 2019

We are a team of narrative practitioners who have backgrounds in art, social justice, organizing, research, philanthropy, and more. We’re deep listeners who are committed to social justice. We take on ambitious projects and approach them with tenacity and curiosity.

Our work is steered by an advisory board representing the field we serve.

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How we got started

Narrative Initiative was established to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness the power of narrative for social change. A multiyear collaboration by the Atlantic Philanthropies and Ford Foundation, the project was sparked by the recognition that pervasive and systemic narratives define our personal and collective identities, inform our values, animate our popular culture and influence our politics.

Gathering crowd

Who we work with

We are network-driven and field-facing. Our partners and collaborators come from a variety of disciplines.

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Toward New Gravity

As a new organization devoted to connecting and supporting the emergent field of narrative change, we interviewed more than 100 thought leaders in the field. This report captures some of what we learned.

Building Narrative Infrastructure in Minnesota

A report on Narrative Initiative’s state strategy to support emergent narrative change infrastructure in Minnesota that includes what we learned as well as recommendations for practitioners and funders.

Rapid Response Worksheet

This worksheet provides a strategic communications framework for advancing narrative strategy in the face of a crisis or other breaking news development.