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Request for Proposals: Book Impact Producer

Narrative Initiative seeks proposals for a Book Impact Producer, a short-term 9-10 month role that will be a key part of our pilot generating innovative models for promoting and maximizing the social impact of books. A successful candidate/ proposal will have a background in program and impact evaluation and experience in movement building with immigrant communities and communities of color. We are requesting  proposals by January 15th, 2024. 


Please include the following in your proposal:


  • Cover Letter
  • Resume (or CV) with references
  • 1-2 page Proposal that responds to the following questions: How would you approach creating a strategy for a book that challenges/explores the origins of US criminalization of BIPOC and immigrant populations? What networks and connections do you currently have to bring to this kind of project? What similar work have you done before (i.e. have you been an impact producer or organizer for events)? How much would you estimate charging for this 9-month project?

    See the full RFP here

Call for Pitches

We aim to lift up stories about organizers, cultural producers, activists, and other changemakers whose work is shifting harmful, dominant narratives in powerful, creative, and unexpected ways.

We are looking for deep dives into organizing efforts or arts/cultural initiatives, interviews, and essays, including photo essays. These three content themes are our current focus:

  • Care is the Antidote to Violence: The carceral system is frequently presented as the only solution to myriad social challenges. Inspired by the phrase coined by Saidiya Hartman, "Care is the antidote to violence," we would like to highlight projects, initiatives, or ideas that shift how we think about we imagine harm and its consequences. What efforts are underway to move us towards repair, healing, and accountability and away from punishment?
  • Surviving Supremacy: Movements that advance supremacist and exclusionary views have gained momentum globally. How are organizers, cultural workers, thinkers, and advocates disrupting supremacy ideologies and their influence on democratic institutions?
  • democracy, tbd: The U.S. has a long way to go before becoming a true multiracial democracy. How are organizers, cultural workers, and advocates creating opportunities for civic engagement beyond voting? We would be excited to read pieces that show us what democracy looks like and challenges the limits of our political imagination.

You can find examples of what we've previously published here, here, and here. Our rate is $1 a word. We are looking for pieces that are 700-1000 words; exceptions may be made for pieces that tell a more in-depth story. Please send us a 200-word pitch that speaks to one of these themes, previous writing samples, and a brief bio using this form.

Pitches Accepted Until December 22nd, Local Time.