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Daylong Training: Using Narrative to Build Our Power

This daylong training curriculum focuses on building narrative power, weaving narrative strategies into campaign and coalition work, and integrating organizing and strategic communications. In addition to slides, the curriculum includes background materials and exercises that provide coalitions and groups with an entry into narrative development, distribution and the craft of organizing narrative change across issues and priorities.

Goals of the session include:

  • Demystify narrative work and show how it can be integrated into existing work.
  • Elevate narrative work as power building work.
  • Lift up power of integrated organizing/narrative strategy.
  • Provide narrative organizing tools and practice using them.
  • Build connections across organizations – seeing narrative change as a shared project.

The training was co-designed by members of Our Minnesota Future, Grassroots Policy Project, and Narrative Initiative:

It was delivered in Minnesota in August, 2018. We are publishing it largely un-modified. Members of the training team consider the ideas, exercises, and tools presented here a work in progress. We encourage those who use this curriculum to experiment with and adapt it to meet their own needs and purposes

The slide deck includes speaker notes to provide additional context and support facilitation. You’ll find a copy of the daylong session agenda here. This training is also available in Spanish.

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