// Topic: Strategic Communications

Audience Identification Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you identify and reach the right audience for narrative change projects like op-eds, social media campaigns and more.

Talking About Three Different Kinds of Racism

How should advocates for justice and equity talk about race? In this memo, Our Story’s Richard Kirsch provides message guidance for engaging three different kinds of racism.

Access to Medicines: A podcast from Brave New Words

Access to Medicines examines how audacious organizing and morally-centered messaging helped fight the HIV/AIDs epidemic and can help fight pharma now.

Desarrollo de comunicaciones integradas y estrategicas

Esta guía de dos paginas les puede servir para entender mejor como desarrollar e implementar su trabajo de comunicaciones estragica.

Integrated and Strategic Communications Development

Integrated strategic communications is crucial to any narrative shift strategy. This 2-page guide to will help develop communications across all planning.

Hoja de ruta para integrar commmunicaciones en sus organizaciones

Esta guia ofrece una ayuda para integrar communicaciones y trabajo organizativo para poder comunicar de manera estrategica y mover narrativas en todos los aspectos de su trabajo.

Roadmap to Integrated Organizational Communications

The roadmap worksheet helps integrate communications and organizing so you can communicate strategically and move narratives in all aspects of your work.

Rapid Response: Tools and Techniques for Seizing the Moment and Driving Your Narrative

This training offers a strategic communications framework for advancing narrative strategy when rapid response is required.

Developing Your Organizational Voice Worksheet

The Developing Your Organizational Voice worksheet helps organizations record the voice and values of members, supporters and the communities in which they are rooted.

Who-What-How: Narrative Strategy for Issue Campaigns

Use this worksheet to help ensure that issue campaigns have a strategic, nimble, long-term vision (and a plan to accompany the vision). This helps integrate communications and organizing to support long-term narrative strategies.

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