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Principles for Reframing the National Security Narrative

The idea behind narrative principles is to equip as many narrators as possible to frame their
messages in a way that, over time, will shift the public’s assumptions and understanding about
a field of discourse—in this case, the discourse around national security. To equip the largest
possible group of narrators, we try to minimize specific content in favor of principles articulated
in broad terms of values and vision. This allows narrators to apply the principles over a broad
range of fields and contexts, and thereby reinforce and amplify the narrative change work of
partners narrating in other arenas.

Word Force Messaging Worksheet

This worksheet is a tool to help you identify messages for your op-ed that support your long term narrative goals. It is meant to be a guide; feel free to adapt. We have provided an example to illustrate how to use this guide.

Narratives of the Future Worksheet

This worksheet surfaces preferred futures and the narratives that can support them. While this worksheet can be used individually or at an organization, we contend that futures exercises are most effective when used by groups or coalitions in existing relationship, or by those who wish to embark on a shared project together.

Four Baskets Self Assessment

The four baskets framework is designed to help practitioners consider different elements of a successful narrative change effort. This self-assessment can be used  to reflect on work you’ve already got under way or to start planning a new project.

Four Baskets Field Guide For Narrative Change Practice

How do we conduct effective narrative change efforts? The Four Baskets Framework lays out four essential elements of successful narrative strategies.

Rapid Response: Tools and Techniques for Seizing the Moment and Driving Your Narrative

This training offers a strategic communications framework for advancing narrative strategy when rapid response is required.

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