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Transforming Narrative Waters: Growing the practice of deep narrative change in the UK

Transforming Narrative Waters provides background on narrative change practices as well as the opportunities and challenges for narrative work in the UK.

Narratives of the Future Worksheet

This worksheet surfaces preferred futures and the narratives that can support them. While this worksheet can be used individually or at an organization, we contend that futures exercises are most effective when used by groups or coalitions in existing relationship, or by those who wish to embark on a shared project together.

Dimensiones del poder de gobernar

El poder de gobernar permite a lideres o movimientos sostener cambio. ¿Pero que es el poder de gobernar? Este diagrama destaca tres aspectos del poder que organizaciones deberían considerar para diseñar estrategias de construcción de poder.

Taller de un día: usar narrativas para construir nuestro poder

El currículo de este taller se enfoca en formar poder narrativo, combinando estrategias de narrativa con trabajo de coalición y de campaña, e integrando trabajo organizativo y comunicaciones estratégicas.

Daylong Training: Using Narrative to Build Our Power

This Daylong Training curriculum focuses on building narrative power, weaving narrative strategies into campaign and coalitional work, and integrating organizing and strategic communications.

Dimensions of Governing Power

Governing power allows leaders or a movement to sustain change. But what is governing power? This diagram outlines three aspects of power for organizations to consider as they develop power-building strategies.

Building Narrative Infrastructure in Minnesota

A report on Narrative Initiative’s state strategy to support emergent narrative change infrastructure in Minnesota that includes what we learned as well as recommendations for practitioners and funders.

Together for Yes: A podcast from Brave New Words

Explore how the Together For Yes coalition broached an untouchable topic by listening closely to their audiences and rewriting how we talk about abortion.

Greater than Fear: A podcast from Brave New Words

How a coalition of Minnesota grassroots and labor groups used research to create a narrative that speaks to race and class concerns.

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