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Together for Yes: A podcast from Brave New Words

In 1983, two-thirds of voters in Ireland chose to add the Eighth Amendment to their constitution and with it codify their prohibition on abortion – seemingly forever. And yet, in 2018, two-thirds of Irish voters repealed this amendment despite deeply-entrenched religious doctrines and a well-funded opposition.

In this episode of Brave New Words, explore how the Together For Yes coalition was able to broach what many in Ireland saw as an untouchable topic by listening closely to their target audiences and rewriting the playbook on how we describe abortion and the people who have them. Anat Shenker-Osorio also probes into the various pitfalls and messaging challenges inherent in not just debating abortion, but driving voters to turn out in support of it.

Brave New Words takes listeners on a journey around the globe with renowned communications researcher and campaign advisor Anat Shenker-Osorio as she unpacks real-world narrative shifts that led to real-world victories. From electing the dynamic Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister of New Zealand, to repealing a national ban on abortion in Ireland, to beating back right-wing race baiting in Minnesota, Anat and her guests explore what made it possible to engage the base, persuade the middle, send the naysayers packing, and win.

Brave New Words is made possible through support from Narrative Initiative. Learn more, listen and subscribe at BraveNewWordsPod.com.

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