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Hoja de ruta para integrar commmunicaciones en sus organizaciones

Esta guia ofrece una ayuda para integrar communicaciones y trabajo organizativo para poder comunicar de manera estrategica y mover narrativas en todos los aspectos de su trabajo.

Roadmap to Integrated Organizational Communications

The roadmap worksheet helps integrate communications and organizing so you can communicate strategically and move narratives in all aspects of your work.

Police Reform: A podcast from Brave New Words

Learn how the De-Escalate Washington coalition spoke openly about race, centered those affected by police violence, and inoculated against scare tactics.

Together for Yes: A podcast from Brave New Words

Explore how the Together For Yes coalition broached an untouchable topic by listening closely to their audiences and rewriting how we talk about abortion.

Greater than Fear: A podcast from Brave New Words

How a coalition of Minnesota grassroots and labor groups used research to create a narrative that speaks to race and class concerns.

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