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Word Force Messaging Worksheet

This worksheet is a tool to help you identify messages for your op-ed that support your long term narrative goals. It is meant to be a guide; feel free to adapt. We have provided an example to illustrate how to use this guide.

Below are questions that you can answer before producing content, including op-eds. Answering them helps you identify what stories and supporting information to include, hone your argument, and make sure that the messages you share align with your long-term ideas for change.

Points Reader Should Leave With

What is the main idea (message) you want readers to remember? Your second idea should support the main idea, and both ideas (messages) should reinforce the helpful narrative you’re trying to uplift.

Helpful Narrative

What is the big idea that your message and stories support that will make progress toward your long-term goals (3-5 years) for justice?

Harmful Narrative

What are the big ideas that harm or prevent progress toward your long-term goals for justice?


How do your messages and stories connect to the helpful narrative you aim to uplift?


There are times when your messages may be in conflict with your long-term narrative goals. Answering these questions can clarify if and when that’s necessary and make a plan to repair any potential harm.

  • Are there any ways in which your stories and/or ideas could unintentionally reinforce the harmful narratives you seek to replace?
  • If so, are there other ways that you can express the same point?
  • If there aren’t other ways, what is the urgency in sharing these messages right now?
  • If it’s urgently necessary to share these messages, e.g. there are lives immediately at stake, what are ways you can uplift helpful narratives once you achieve your short-term goals?

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