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Funding Narrative Change: An Assessment and Framework

The Convergence Partnership just released the first-ever report to focus exclusively on the funding of narrative change work: Funding Narrative Change, An Assessment and Framework.

At a time when narrative change work is increasingly important and urgent for social change, the report’s authors Rinku Sen and Mik Moore propose a vital framework for funders and practitioners seeking narrative shifts around racial justice and health equity.

The report argues that philanthropic giving should be distributed to efforts to shift narratives via three kinds of narrative power: mass culture, mass media, and mass movements.

“We will not make significant change without building all three kinds of narrative power, hopefully operating in concert with each other for maximum impact. Our audiences should not be able to go anywhere without encountering our ideas and stories. That kind of saturation, combined with clear paths to action, will change the environment and make more ambitious policy achievable and enduring.”

The insights from this report mark a powerful turning point for our collective commitment to narrative change, health equity, and racial justice.



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