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Narrative Technology Case Studies

New technologies offer powerful tools for those who wish to maintain or shift narratives, for better or worse. These case studies spotlight how six organizations are building or using technology to foster equity and justice.

Narrative change seeks to shift power by challenging dominant narratives and replacing them with better ones. People organizing to achieve narrative change encounter technology in many ways, from using and engaging on existing technology platforms to developing their own.

In September, Narrative Initiative and Civic Hall brought together a small group of narrative change practitioners and technologists to talk about how narrative practice and technology intersect. As part of that convening, we put together these one-page case studies about how six organizations are working at the intersection of narrative change and technology. We now sharing them with the broader field here on our resource page.

We know this is just a small fraction of the organizations working in this area and in coming months we hope to share more, including a number of other tools and practices that surfaced during our convening. If you or your organization are using technology to spark narrative change and you’re willing to share information about your work with the broader field, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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