Field Notes

Field Notes celebrates the creativity, perspectives, and strategies of everyday organizers who are pushing us toward a world where a truly just, multiracial democracy is possible. 

Protesters from Coal Action Network prepare for a march

Field Notes

We are looking for deep dives into organizing efforts or arts & cultural initiatives, interviews, and essays, including photo essays. These three content themes are our current focus:

Care is the Antidote to Violence

The carceral system is frequently presented as the only solution to myriad social challenges. This theme, inspired by a quote from Saidiya Hartman, highlights projects, initiatives, or ideas that shift how we imagine harm and its consequences. What efforts are underway to move us towards repair, healing, and accountability and away from punishment?

Surviving Supremacy

Movements that advance supremacist and exclusionary views have gained momentum globally. How are organizers, cultural workers, thinkers, and advocates disrupting supremacy ideologies and their influence on democratic institutions?

democracy, tbd

The U.S. has a long way to go before becoming a true multiracial democracy. How are organizers, cultural workers, and advocates creating opportunities for civic engagement beyond voting? We would be excited to read pieces that show us what democracy looks like and challenges the limits of our political imagination. 

Call for Submissions

Liberty Mutual Trans Mountain Pipeline Protest

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We're looking for stories that showcase care, resilience, and ingenuity in addressing the biggest issues of today.

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Pitches accepted until December 22nd, local time.

What Does Birth Equity Look Like for Younger Parents?

By Tonya Abari

Countering Christian Nationalism With Jesus’ Love

By Wendi Gordon

The Jiyan Archives: Archiving Histories of Kurdish Women

By Matthew Braunginn

Europe’s Last Indigenous People Forge Palestine Bond 

By Shafi Musaddique

Disability Justice and the Coalition to Stop Cop City 

By Marianne Dhenin

Fernando Araujo’s Journey From Captivity to Compassion

By Martina Castellanos

In a Cafe in the Philippines, Families of Drug War Victims Call for Justice

By Tristan Biglete

How a Durham-based Crisis Response Team is Reimagining Public Safety

By Yewande Addie

What Mothering Can Do: Maternal healing as a path to community wellness

By A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez

A Battle Against Forgetting: Archiving Oral Heritage as Resistance in Myanmar

By Bikash K. Bhattacharya

Librada Gonzalez's search for queer Cuban history sparks an archival project

By Eileen Sosin Martínez

How Oral Histories Bring Justice to Families Separated at the Border

By Fanny Julissa Garcia

On Record: The Rise of Citizen Journalism in the United States

By Lauren Slagter

How Language Preservation is Key to Indigenous Resistance

By Nicole Froio

When Rhodes Fell: The Many Freedom Struggles of Trans South Africans

By Saif

Incarcerated Artists Find Success Through Empowerment Avenue

By Amelia Arvesen

The Moorat March: Amid Setbacks, Trans Activists March on

By Arslan Athar

Life on the Inside: Building Community and Connection Across Prison Walls

By Ryan M. Moser

Providing Disability Justice Advocates with Media Tools Changes The Game

By Jody Santos