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Narratives of the Future Worksheet

This worksheet surfaces preferred futures and the narratives that can support them. Exercise 1 is designed to help participants name their preferred futures and surface places of harmony and dissonance. Exercise 2 prompts participants to craft a set of values, narratives, and messages to serve the preferred futures developed in the first exercise.

Narrative Initiative uses futures exercises to locate existing alignment, build long-term strategy, and perhaps most importantly, reimagining what is possible. While this worksheet can be used individually or at an organization, we contend that futures exercises are most effective when used by groups or coalitions in existing relationship, or by those who wish to embark on a shared project together.

This worksheet, developed by Márquez Rhyne and Liz Hynes, is rooted in the Cone of Possibility (J. Voros) and the Futures Wheel (J. Glenn) tools.

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