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At the Intersection of Power and Hope: Narrative Change In Minnesota

How can we create strong coalitions and local ecosystems to change the narrative? Dave Mann from Grassroots Power Project (formerly Grassroots Policy Project) offers insights based on his deep experience with groups in Minnesota.

Grassroots Power Project shared this about the case study:

GPP Senior Strategist Dave Mann shares his reflections about the ways in which narrative strategies have grown/evolved in Minnesota over the past 16 years and the impact they are having on organizations internally and on their effectiveness. Additionally, Dave shares insights on the role of narrative strategy in shaping the broader work of Our Minnesota Future. Dave concludes with reflections on the challenges groups have faced and what is needed to make this work more effective moving forward in Minnesota but also for other organizations and alignment groups interested in undertaking this work.

Narrative Initiative’s team had the pleasure of working with Dave Mann and other practitioners who have played key roles in creating a strong narrative ecosystem in Minnesota during our partnership with Our Minnesota Future. Narrative Initiative supported the creation of this case study to capture some of the history of narrative work in Minnesota as well as Dave’s valuable insights that we believe will be of use to practitioners working in other contexts.

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